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Bailey was born on 21st April 2014 and joined our team in June. Bailey is a yellow Labrador who came from a mixed colour litter. He is growing into a very large and quite light coloured lad - very handsome.

Unfortunately he had to move from his first puppy parent as she found out she was allergic to Labradors. He now lives with a very active family with teenage children, a cat and two budgerigars where he has been developing quickly.

Bailey is an extremely bright lad and very willing to please. He is attentive and learns quickly. He enjoys going out and about and takes most things in his stride. However when he discovered stairs for the first time he decided that they were not made for a puppy with such long legs.

When Bailey was 6 months, he started swimming at Doggy Paddles along with the other puppies. Although very 'splashy' at first, he now enjoys his swimming and this will help to strength his muscles. He also enjoys his free runs when he is able to explore the fields and beaches on the Island. When he walks with his puppy parent, he stays fairly close, but can be persuaded to go for a run by another puppy.

Bailey enjoys living with his puppy parent in Seaview and he is doing very well in the busy household. There are teenagers coming and going, but he's learnt how to ask them to play ball. Equally, he's happy to settle on the mat.

Bailey is a large Labrador, and is sometimes mistaken for being older than he is. However, he has good working lines in his pedigree and he is developing good muscles to go with his long legs. He is going to be a very handsome dog indeed.

Bailey is taken out and about around the Island. He has happily adapted to going into shops, lifts and on the bus - he is a careful lad and likes to be introduced to things slowly. After a few times, he is quite happy to trot alongside his puppy parent.

He loves to play with his toys and chews. Like any growing puppy, he has his mad moments when he lets off steam but also loves to cuddle up to his favourite toy. He also like to be helpful, although sometimes you might not want everything brought to you!

Bailey is very sensitive and loving. One day recently, his puppy parent was feeling unwell and laid down on the sofa to rest. Having dozed off, she awoke to find Bailey calmly cuddling up beside her on the sofa.

Bailey and his puppy parent make a good team. They were both waiting in Snows BMW garage in Newport, and the staff were so impressed with Bailey that they decided to support the charity this year with their fund raising. But then who could resist...

Bailey, like the other puppies in training, helps us with our fund raising. He comes to local shops when we are talking to people, bag packing and collecting. As well as providing a good attraction, it is a very useful part of training for Bailey as it helps him get used to meeting people out and about.

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