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Diesel is a male black Labrador. He was born on 17th March 2014 and joined our team in June. His mother and father are both black Labradors, and they are from very good working gun dog lines. His father was also Holly's father (another Ability Dog puppy). Diesel was one of 6 puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls, and most of them have a fleck of white on their chest, just like Diesel.

Diesel settled in well with his puppy parents and he enjoys exploring and playing with his toys. He lives with the resident pet dog, a chocolate Ladrador called Max, and they play well together. On his first day, Diesel thought Max's waggy tail was much more fun than his toy bottle. Since then, he and Max have been firm friends, often sharing a bed together.

As part of his socialisation training, Diesel is taken out and about by his puppy parents. Initially he was a very slow walker, preferring to sit and take everything in. Now hetrots alongside his puppy parent and enjoys exploring new places. He takes everything in his stride and very quickly settles down when other things are going on.

Diesel enjoys living with his puppy parent in Totland and soon he will move to Ryde to continue his training there with a new puppy parent. This will be a new adventure for him and he will be the only dog in the household, but this is all part of learning to be adaptable. We're sure he will settle in extremely quickly, and make lots of new friends in Ryde.

Diesel is now taken out and about around the Island. He has happily adapted to going into shops, lifts and on the ferry - he takes everything in his stride and is really not fazed by anything. Here he is pictured on the ferry.

Diesel, along with the other training puppies, comes to puppy class every week. It is an opportunity to learn and practice skills such as walking nicely on the lead without pulling, and picking up and giving items like shoes. Diesel is really good at both. In September we moved to a new location, an old hangar at Sandown Airport, which gives us a lot more space. Diesel took this as an opportunity to 'say hello' to all the other puppies. What a sweetie.

Diesel is not a really high energy dog, although he does love his walks. When he was younger he had a lovely time on Headon Warren until he thought it was time for a rest!

Diesel, like the other puppies in training, helps us with our fund raising. He comes to local shops when we are talking to people, bag packing and collecting. As well as providing a good attraction, it is a very useful part of training for Diesel as it helps him get used to meeting people out and about.

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