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Layla joined the Ability Dog family in June 2013. She started her socialisation with Richard and Janet and now lives with Jane and her family in Nettlestone. She has settled well with her new family including the cat and several budgies.

She will walk very well on her lead, not only with Jane but also confidently with other members of the family. Not having had a dog previously, Layla has been good for the family too, helping to give them confidence in meeting and handling a dog. In fact Layla has been such a 'hit' with the family that they have agreed to continue as puppy parents when the time comes for Layla to move on. Well done Layla.

Layla is another dog that loves playing with tennis balls and this activity can keep her occupied for some time.

She loves meeting new people and is very relaxed about it. The main focus of her training lately involves learning how not to jump up, at people, and on work surfaces etc. She is also learning not to be too vocal, in a 'whiney' sort of way, when she is bored!

Layla has had a confusing time lately. She had a long protracted phantom pregnancy which has meant we had to delay her spay. Part of this involved her sleeping a lot and 'nesting' with one of her soft toys. Carol knew that Layla had recovered though when one day Jane rang her to say that Layla was being very naughty!

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