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We took Roly on at four and a half months because he showed great potential. Sam, a new puppy parent, started his socialisation training by taking him out and about and into places like supermarkets, He did very well with all these new experiences as he is very keen to learn good things. He spent Christmas with them, but he continued to get over excited around her young child, so we decided to move him. He moved in with Les and Sandra at Freshwater in February, aged just 7 months. Initially he was, understandably, a bit unsettled but has since calmed down, gained confidence and now has his feet well and truly 'under the table'.

Mostly his lead walking is excellent with only a few distractions taking his mind off the task, such as food or an interesting looking stone. It is also now possible to distract him from pulling to greet other dogs. In fact he often regulates himself and looks up at whoever is walking him as much as to say "didn't I do well" and he's given a treat.

He loves playing search games, hide and seek, retrieving, waiting, etc. He is very good with all his tasks but must, however, learn that not everything in the house needs retrieving. Still it does encourage a tidy house! Also, Roly is a great 'licker' and keeps the kitchen floor 'mopped'.

Les and Sandra secretly nickname him 'Elvis' as he has a habit of curling his lip up when concentrating on something. Roly often walks round the house with one of his toys in his mouth then wonders why he can't retrieve a shoe from the floor or paper from the coffee table, or even Sandra's knitting!

He travels in the car and on the bus with no problem at all, in fact he gets lots of compliments for his good behaviour on the bus. He is a bit cautious of travelling in a lift so work is being done to gain his confidence. His shop work is also excellent and after a few initial occasions, when he tried to help himself to shopping from people's bags, he has now learned to sit and wait patiently and quietly.

He is such a lovely dog and is now well recognised and welcomed in all the local shops, the library, sports centre and receives lots of compliments on his very good looks.

One of Roly's great loves is a massage. He totally relaxes, slides gently to the floor and closes his eyes. He also loves his rest times, lays on his back snoring, and is never in a great rush to get up in the morning. Roly is now just ten months old so still has a long way to go with his training but he is showing all the potential required to be a great Ability Dog.

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